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The firm, founded in 2006, is a boutique law firm, specializing in Litigation and Commercial Law, providing comprehensive support, representation and services, all to be found under one roof. A “One Stop Shop”.

Shai Vered Law Office provides wide-ranging legal services to a broad customer base,including corporations (Israeli and foreign), voluntary associations, partnerships and individuals in intricate litigation cases, in a wide range of areas of Civil and Commercial Law. 

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The Firm also provides ongoing representation and support of its clients’ activities, while complying with the individual needs each client and ensuring service of the highest quality.

As part of our litigation services, we represent our clients in all court instances and proceedings, as well as in arbitration and mediation processes.
As part of our Commercial Law services, our Firm represents corporations, companies, voluntary associations and partnerships. We provide ongoing legal consulting, we draft legal agreements and contracts and we provide solutions for business problems related to the Legal-Corporate domain.

Clients who have chosen our legal representation have been with us ever since the Firm was established. Beyond our legal skills and expertise, their staying with us gives clear indication, among other things, to their high level of satisfaction and to our meticulous and high quality service, as well as to the attainment of legal outcomes that are to their contentment.

Despite our Firm’s distinctiveness and expertise in representing clients in the various courts, we are actually chosen by our clients because of our legal and business exercise of discretion, which oftentimes lead to the conclusion that the solution to the client’s problem will not be found in the courtrooms.

The expertise of Shai Vered Law Office is in litigation and dispute settlement. We represent clients in intricate commercial disputes in all court instances and proceedings, as well as in quasi-judicial ones (mediation and arbitration).

The Firm represents both private clients and numerous local and international corporations, in various areas of litigation such as: financial claims, disputes between companies, representation of shareholders, class actions, conflict resolutions based on underlying commercial agreements and torts, real estate lawsuits, slander and the enforcements of foreign judgments.

Our legal representation of litigation cases deals with a wide range of areas pertaining to Commercial- Civil Law, including: Company Law, Contract Law, Real-Estate Law, Labor Law, Banking and Insurance, Internet Law and Slander.

The Firm’s founder, advocate Shai Vered serves as an arbitrator and a mediator in commercial disputes.

Litigation and Dispute Settlement

The staff of Shai Vered Law Office provides ongoing support and consultation to clients in a variety of areas relating to Commercial and Corporate Law, while providing prompt solutions that are tailored to the needs of the client.

The ongoing consulting is given in the following areas: Corporate Law (corporations, partnerships and voluntary associations), Labor Law, Internet Law and Consumer Law. The Firm assists its clients in examining legal issues that arise and that require legal analysis, all in line with the client’s requests and needs.

The Firm formulates various agreements, starting with the negotiation stage, and all the way thru helping the client with implementing the agreement.

The Firm has accumulated extensive experience in drafting agreements of various kinds for corporations and private clients, such as agreements between shareholders, partnerships and collaborations, loan agreements, agency and distribution agreements, licensing and franchising agreements, confidentiality agreements, service agreements and customer- vendor contracts.

Commercial Law


Cyber, information security and privacy protection

Advocate Shai Vered is a certified mediator since 2006. Shai has accumulated extensive experience in managing mediation meetings relating to Commercial-Civil Law, as well as to Labor Law and Slander.

The objective of the mediation process is to settle a dispute between the involved parties through an arrangement that is acceptable by the parties and by doing so, avoiding the need to deliberate in court, which is usually very costly and time consuming. As it is, trials usually end with one side feeling discriminated against.

The mediation process is suitable in various commercial situations, such as: dispute settlement between shareholders (amongst themselves and between them and the corporation), dispute settlement between partners, dispute settlement between parties of a contract (a consumer and a service provider; customer-vendor) and settlements of disputes that arise between an employee and his/her employer.

Furthermore, the mediation process is suitable in various civil situations, such as disputes originating in slander.


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